BHK Signature 250 or 300 Tube Rolling


I had already stocked up on some NOS tubes in anticipation of the delivery of the amps . So when I received the amps, I ran the OEM Gold Lions for a few days for a break in period. My recollection was that they were good sounding tubes. You could easily live with them if you had not tried other tubes. Fortunately many people have gone down the rabbit hole and have tube rolling experiences to share.


i agree as the stock tubes were pretty good. have been using an old set of tungstrum that had been used in the preamp. now i am going to try the new telefunken tubes. i like changing tubes on the amp as it is so easy.
the preamp requires more effort including unhooking it and taking it out of the rack, so not as easy to play with. what a great hobby and what great gear from PS


I purposely put the Preamp on the top rack for easy access. Swapping takes a few minutes.


great idea of course. sadly the TV sits up there.