BHK 250 Power Amp Tube Query

I’ve just installed a pre-owned BHK 250 power amp into my system and though the detail and dynamic range are excellent, the soundstage is rather bloated and even a little ‘distant’. The dealer who sold the 250 did say it would sound slower and less fluid compared to my pure class A Sugden Sapphire power amp but the sluggishness is actually affecting my musical engagement.

Does it sound like the tubes might be spent? I’m pretty new to tubes, what signals the need to replace them?

Everything you ever did/didn’t want to know about 250 tube rolling.


My thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s exactly what my 250 starts sounding like when the tubes need to be replaced, sluggish. There’s no telling how many hrs are on the current tubes, so I’d start fresh with a new pair. Plenty of good info on tube rolling on the above posted link.