BHK Signature Preamplifier - sudden ground issue?

Folks - I own a BHK Signature Preamp and am very happy with how it performs. Unfortunately I suddenly have what appears to be a ground issue. As of today, when I turn the volume dial up a static click occurs with each increment. Between volume levels 24 and 25, which is not loud in my setup, the static click is enough to knock my PSAudio amp into safety mode.

There is no ground adapter on the back panel of the preamp and everything else in my system is grounded. Any ideas on what to do? I had considered attaching a ground wire to one of the screws holding the amp’s back pane in place but then thought reaching out to the group first would be a good idea.

Thank you! This really sux.

Try different tubes first.

The tubes are fine,

What you’re describing is not a grounding issue, you should contact PS Audio technical support.

It is common knowledge that the stepped attenuator makes a gentle sound as it does it’s job. So the noise is not a problem. But forcing your amp into protection is not normal.
And since the tubes are an integral part of your volume control, the easiest diagnostic would be to swap another pair of tubes.

I’m bringing my stereo to my main repair shop for a diagnostic. The noise is definitely a problem as it is the symptom of an underlying electrical issue. This is NOT the low, rounded sound associated with this unit’s volume control.

Yikes. This doesn’t sound like a ground problem but rather it sounds like maybe there’s an internal problem. Is it in both channels?

Hey Paul. Thanks for asking. The problem is audible through the left channel. A collateral issue is that the normally dead silent sound floor now has a slight “aural snow” to it.