Bone material

How about utilizing bone, or synthetic bone-like material for speaker diaphragms or even cabinets?
Inferring from its use in parts of acoustic instruments and its overall properties, this intuitively seems like potentially a great material for audio reproduction.
CNC machining would be an option for producing relatively small cones from large animal bone, and if using synthetic bone material I guess even molding or controlled growth techniques could be used.
What say you?

Graveyards, we will find you




SOme synthetic bone / ivory products around - made for guitar bridges and nuts and the like.

I reckon it would be too heavy unless super thin, but, then again, I know nothing :slight_smile:

I did read in an interview with some or other speaker designer dude about the possibility of ceramic tweeter domes. Bone has a bit of flex, unlike ceramic.

Yes, that would be the goal, to the point of possible fraglility. For higher freq drivers of course, the thinner.

Bone is light in comparison to its certain strengths for sure.

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Account is known for its ceramic and diamond speaker cones. I used to have the Ares SL 200 speakers. The membranes for the woofer consist of a mixture of paper and chitin (insect shell). The membranes of my current loudspeakers are made of a polymer-carbon mixture.