Calculate my line impedance, please

From the utility pole with the main fuse panel there’s a 30 meter (100ft) run of 6sqmm (9AWG) copper feed to the house. Shabby I know, but it’s from the seventies probably.
This isn’t in place yet but let’s pretend: from the breaker panel to the other side of the room runs a 13 meter (42ft) 9AWG dedicated line. It terminates into a Furutech rhodium plated IEC that connects to a modified Supra powerblock.

What kind of output impedance to expect from the Supra’s sockets? How much bottleneck to expect from the antique 9AWG mains feed running under the yard? Should I expect big improvements from changing the feed to, say, 25sqmm aluminium (equivalent to 16sqmm copper)? The house as a whole doesn’t consume a lot of power, I’m guessing my audio setup might even be the biggest electron drain because it’s never turned off. So let’s disregard all other appliances and pretend only the hifi is drawing power.

Somehow, given that the feed and dedicated line would share the same gauge, I feel it might not be too bad. But if math predicts a ~0.5ohm output impedance or worse, I’ll seriously consider investing in a “proper” heavy-duty feed.