CD mat

Just wondering if anyone is using a CD mat with the PWT? For example, the Marigo, Millennium, others. I would like to try one, but I wonder if it is advisable. Owners of other CDPs say that the mats sometimes interfere with operation. They say that the tray/spindle has little headroom, and the mat with CD gets bunched up, causing the player to malfunction. But I know that some mats are thicker than others, so that could be part of the problem. Also, I wonder if a mat is superfluous with the PWT, given the oversampling and memory buffer.

Anyone have any experience?

I have played with a few mats, treatments, etc. with the PWT without any problem. And without any appreciable impact.

Test away and let us know the result.

Since the PWT has no error correction circuitry and uses a memory buffer I would have to believe a mat would have zero effect on sound quality. I have used mats in the past on conventional players and was not to impressed with the outcome. The sound changed… but not for the better. Of course,ymmv.


Mats? We don’t need no stinking mats!

Heh, heh. That’s what I thought. I’ll leave it alone.

Yes, I’m using the Marigo Audio Labs Signature mat. It brings a bit more of details and calmness to the sound.

But by far more important is demagnetization with the Stein DE 2! This has a huge effect on sound quality; more details, resolution and spaciousness! I strongly doubt you can hear all the details a DS DAC can provide without demagnetization… This device is a must have!!