Cloud Storage for Music Library Backup

Does anyone use cloud services (e.g. AmazonDrive) for backing up their music library? If so any issues? If not,why not?

Be careful with services that are music specific. Many of them don’t store your original files and you may not get back the same tags or resolution (or even the same take (or whatever.))

Being a security nut I use (actually their business version) which has a flat rate no matter how big your backups are. I also have a account with a reasonably large backup size that I got free by being a beta tester at one point.

I use various free cloud storage services for transferring big files without requiring the receiver to install something (OneDrive, DropBox, etc.)

I’m using Backblaze for automated backup but, unfortunately, bandwidth caps are a barrier for me archiving my entire lossless collection. Currently, just using a NAS for backups but, if there’s a house fire, all is lost.