Comparison of PS Audio DACs

How does the DAC on the Stellar Strata compare to the Directstream Dac?

If I’m not wrong, the Strata is basically a GainCell DAC with an amp. I can speak to the GainCell and the DirectStream Sr. The GainCell is a good DAC that holds its own against more expensive DACs, but compared to the Sr, it falls well short. The soundstage is much larger, deeper and better defined with the Sr. The low end more solid and the highs purer. The GainCell does sound a bit “digital” whereas the Sr gets as close to analog as I’ve ever heard in a DAC.

With that said, the GainCell is a very good DAC, and of course the price difference is quite substantial.

I can echo the comparison between the GCDAC and DSD, having had recent comparison experience between both in the same system.

The DSD is better. . . BUT if you need the extra gain in single ended RCA output the GCDAC provides, that narrows the gap.

In this system (a headphone only bedroom system with a pair of rather power hungry ZMF Ori headphones) I can live with either quite comfortably.

Thank you. That’s the information I was looking for.