Connectors and connectors and more connectors


My system is very simple and has the least amount of connectors USB interface to DS out to AMP then Speakers (I’m only refereeing the audio signal wires - interconnects, USB cable and speaker cables in this post) not AC or MISC connectors inside components.

I recently cleaned all connectors throughout my system including the XLR balanced connectors which I’ve not done for years. Sitting back listening to my system after completing this task was amazing along with this NUC and win server 2012 with Audiophile optimiser is the best I’ve heard my system sound.

I wonder how many of us really clean “every connector” not leaving any out eg: USB connectors included J

The resulting sound improvement was comparable to adopting server 2012 as the operating system upgrade from Win8

An element of settling for the best sound source should include regular cleaning regimen for all connectors.

Give them a clean today and report back here if doing so had a positive result or nothing at all on the sound heard




I routinely go through and check and clean all connectors. It does make a difference.

I do not know if simply breaking and making the connections again is what makes the biggest difference, but I suspect this is the case.

Do clean the AC cord connectors as well. A decent metal polish, like Flitz, works great for this.


Thanks ELK

I must say I haven’t cleaned my XLR connections for years and may have accoutred for the improvement, I do speakers connections regularly though, I need to change my practice and include all in the schedule including USB

I use DeoxIT

Flitz hmm ok I will use on the AC contacts




I like DeoxIT as well.


Just last night I found a can of DeOxit in my man drawer that still had the shrink-wrap on it… my bad! :)


I usually clean my connectors once a year or so, or when I move something around, whichever comes first. I’ve always used Cramolin, but recently used up my stash. The newer DeOxit formulas work, but not quite as well. I will say after cleaning the cleaning tools are usually green with copper oxide. A good indication it was time to clean … And yes, the system does sound better afterwards. As a side note, just removing and connecting can help, breaks any corrosion barrier, but the corrosion does remain unless wiped off. If you don’t have DeOxit, 99% Isopropyl alcohol is a good flush, it won’t “clean” though.