DAC upgrade for the Stellar GainCell DAC

Just got my self the The Stellar GainCell DAC many used it as a analog preamplifier the output is a PrimaLuna. power amp with 8 KT 120 driving my speakers B&W 804D many play records vinyl and use the Node for Hi-Res Music Streamer and CD I am using the Stellar GainCell DAC and love the sound . but i have a few people say to me to upgrade the dac to the DENAFRIPS PONTUS II just asking has any one used this dac and can you use the DSD DIRECT THROUGH I2S using the DENAFRIPS PONTUS II ? will it be a good upgrade


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Welcome Tangoman.
I cannot answer your specific questions but is there a reason you wouldn’t use the Pontus II I2S input?

I can’t help you specifically on the Pontus but as far as DACs go, there are plenty that will improve on the SGCD at a good price point with local support. Look at TMR and you will find a great price on a PSA Jr and a couple Sr’s. I know for a fact that is a substantial improvement as I have had all three- stellar, Jr and Sr.

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