Depressing female vocals

Recommend some tracks with ethereally depressing female vocals.

Linea Aspera - “Eviction”, “Malarone”
Angel Olsen - “All Mirrors”
Zanias - “Follow the Body”

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The content on this song is extremely sad.

Diana Krall’s version of Delaney and Bonnie’s song.


try the gut wrenching last album of Lhasa de Sela

joni mitchell depresses me - she’s been banned around her


Most anything by Lucinda Williams!


Gillian Welch should not be played in the vicinity of sharp implements.

Shostakovich’s symphony 14 is a series of poems about death, for soprano and bass voices. The poem that sticks in my mind, in particular one line, is called “The Suicide” and goes thus:

One is growing from my wound, and when daylight catches it,
bloodied, it reaches upwards: this is the lily of fear.
Three tall lilies, three tall lilies on my grave with no cross. Three tall lilies dusted with gold that the wind scatters in fright.
Another grows from my heart as it lies aching in the earth where the worms are eating it; the last is growing from my mouth.
On my grave set apart all three reach upwards,
all alone, all alone, and, I believe, as damned as I am. Three tall lilies, three tall lilies on my grave with no cross.

She’s on my banned list too, along with Celine Dion

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Adele - Rolling in the Deep, I just hate that depressing rant.

Every Zola Jesus song ever. Enjoy!

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The Spice Girls - Girl Power.

she has a great voice but the down side is the junky recordings

Dead Can Dance, their Labyrinth album, with Lisa Gerrard singing acapella The Wind That Shakes The Barley. Been known to have me shed a tear or two.

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

“Depressing female vocal” = pleonasm


I know an angry group of villagers, probably led by my buddy Lon, will arrive at my door with torches for saying this, but Billie Holiday sends me straight to the liquor cabinet.


Janet Baker singing Dido’s lament.

Iris Dement
“The night i learned how not to pray” from the album “Sing the Delta”.

See if you can hold it together through this one. Beautiful and heartbreaking. The best music must move you in some significant way.


Laura Marling’s “My Manic and I” from Alas, I Cannot Swim.

Billie Holliday – Strange Fruit

A song about the lynchings of blacks that took place in the South.

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Karla Bonoff - Lose Again

I was in a record store and they were playing an album from Courtney Barnett. I said more than a few times “Cheer up girl!”. She did not.