DirecStream DAC vs. DirecStream DAC Junior

I’m starting to see quite a few DSD Sr (sorry, I know some are annoyed at that nomenclature) selling used for a delta of less that $1000 for the Jr. I have the latter and would like to hear from those that have used both as to whether an upgrade would be significant. I love my Jr, but would consider the upgrade.

Thanks, and happy listening!

I upgraded from the Jr to the Sr several years ago and have no regrets. At that time we were on a different software revision and the difference in sound quality was noticeable. I am not sure how much of a difference there is now between them.

Good luck with your decision.

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I own both. If you want or need two i2s inputs the DSD Sr. offers that. Otherwise save your pennies for another day. Perhaps one day the DSD MK2 will see release. I would have a difficult time reliably picking our the Jr. from the Sr. based on listening. The Sr. is great, but so is the Jr.


If you’re running the Jr direct without a preamp, the Sr is way better in my experience. That difference may be diminished with a preamp, which I didn’t have at the time when I moved up to the Sr.

I’d hold your breath for the MKII. I love my Jr. and am waiting for the MKII myself. It’s going to be a VERY big jump from the Jr. We’re expecting it to wrap up Alpha in the next few months, and then we will play the fun game of waiting to hear the timeline for when we can expect beta units to be ready.


Thanks @aangen for weighing in. I have really enjoyed the Jr’s sound although I have not compared to DSD Sr. The absence of two i2s inputs is a bit of a downer but I prefer the look of the Jr vs having that screen stick out in the otherwise homogeneous stack of PSA equip.

PS I’m trying really hard to stay satisfied with my current setup. @jamesh 's post about MKII is not helping!



Do you need any more alpha testers?

Alpha is purely internal, which has been very fun. But Beta more than likely going to be public like we always do.

Ya can’t blame a guy for tryin’