Direct Stream and headphone


I remember, this was some time ago already a topic, but I did not find an answer to my question:

could I connect a headphone (Audeze LCD-X) to the unsymmetrical output of the Direct Stream DAC?

Thank you for an answer


It won’t hurt anything to try it (you can short the DS’s outputs forever without causing harm to it, and the output voltage isn’t too high for the LCD-X.) The LCD-X are efficient enough that you may get the loudness you desire.

You might also consider using the balanced outputs of the DS since the LCD-X is a balanced headphone (with four conductors.) That will get you another 6dB of gain.

Thank you Ted

Herzliche Grüsse Ulrich

It will work and balance is better. But TED what is the output imp. If it’s high like 50 or more it may sound bad even if it’s loud.

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