DirectStream DAC vs Schitt Gungnir Multibit

Does anyone have experience with both the Schiit Gungnir Multibit and PS Audio DirectStream DAC? I currently have the Gungnir. It’s a very good DAC, but there are some things I don’t like about it, such as the annoying (to me) click it makes between tracks. For that reason and a desire for even better sonic quality, I’m considering replacing it with the DirectStream. My system is built around a McIntosh MA7900 integrated amp, Roon Nucleus (ethernet connection), good cables and power cords, and Salk Song Tower speakers (Song3 Encore speakers on order, 7 months and counting). I’d be interested in comments from anyone with experience with both DACs. Thanks!

Hey softlight64…

Welcome to this wonderful forum…while I do have DS dac,
I dont have the Gungnir and therefore can’t say…but someone
here may well be able to…

My DS dac is fed by Oppo 205 resulting in a wonderful combination.
My 205 fuctions as server…

As for my DS it is stock no mods b/c warranty… it is new… out of the box
it was wonderful…and has gotten so much better!!

Cannot say enough for the DS!!

Best wishes



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I had the Gumby and went to the DS Jr which was a worthwhile upgrade. I had no regrets. Ultimately I later upgraded to the DS “senior” and similarly had no regrets. I am not a wordsmith when it comes to describing the upgrade in sound. The music from the PS Audio products just seem more real and lifelike compared to the good valued Schitt Dac.


Very interesting, thanks!