Directstream Phase Question

I realize this setting on the Directstream’s screen is album/track dependent, but is there a consensus on which is more often than not correct to use? That is, percentage-wise, is ‘In’ or ‘Out’ more often than not the correct phase? And if it’s not set correctly, is there a discernible difference in sound quality?

In my case I rarely find “Out” to be the correct setting, but sometimes it is. (There are a few series of Japanese cds from Blue Note, Rudy Van Gelder editions, I find often sound better in the “OUT” setting, as well as a number of Verve cds from the beginning of the century mostly mastered by Kevin Reeves). If incorrect imaging and soundstage is less distinct and in my system bass is “lacking.” When correct center image is strong and frequency balance is more. . . balanced.

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