DirectStream with Naim nap 250 ?


I own a DirectStream Dac and a friend would like to buy one but first he would like to test it with is amplifier Naim nap 250. Then the question is :

it’s possible to connect the amplifier (nap 250) directly to the Directstream without a preamplifier ? If yes how ?

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Bonjour Olivier

Yes, of course, but since the DS has left n right XLR analogue outputs you will need a cable that is designed to convert for the Naim single analogue input.

I doubt that using the single input will give a true “balanced” connection, but I am not as familiar with Naim as others may be on this forum. I would post your same question on the Naim site since the Amp, in this case, is the controlling component.

The filter button on the DS remote also cuts volume by 20db so you can choose the DS output volume that works best with the amp.

Well the DS has RCA outputs too, so if the NAIM is single ended no worries at all.

Naim uses a single 3-pin DIN input. It does not have SE RCA inputs or balanced XLR. The single DIN input looks like an XLR, but is not.

There are RCA to DIN adapter cables, primarily made by Chord.

I see.blush_gif

It is an odd setup. Naim has made a point of doing things differently and the Naim Kool-Aid drinkers are happy to put up with it.

It is a bit like BMW’s silly insistence on double pull doors and the group door unlock button on the middle of the console, and not on the doors. Dumb, but the aficionados love it. Even after multiple years this system still annoys me - proof I am not a true believer.

HI All,

All clear now thanks very much for your precious help