DS DAC remote volume control operation


If my memory doesn’t fail me it is very pronounced with dff, but not with dsf.

Frode said If my memory doesn't fail me it is very pronounced with dff, but not with dsf.
? The DAC doesn't know the difference.


Maybe I am jumping to conclusions just because one album produce worse results than the other and one was dsf and the other one dff.

I reckon the DoP treatment inside the DS doesn’t produce any artifacts.


The FPGA doesn’t know anything about volume control changes, for example there’s no ramping or anything else that should cause a discontinuity - they come prepackaged from the control processor and are always applied the same. The control processor obviously does a little work when it get’s an up/down or left/right from the remote but why one of those four would cause a glitch when no other remote actions do I don’t know.

Have either of you tried to see what happens when the touch panel is used to change the volume?



Great suggestion.

I just tried the panel and NO noise.

So that seems to imply that some component or something, somewhere among my various electronics and cables is the culprit.

Based on that, I tried my 2nd system Cambridge remote. I pushed the mute button and VOILA, a distinct pfffftt without an accompanying volume increase. So I will track this down further and report back tomorrow with my findings.



So IT IS my preamp that is picking up the ir signal from the remote, any remote in fact.

Because I normally keep my preamp and Woo/Stax headphone system on and connected with the rca outs on my preamp, that’s why I still heard the volume up noise even when my ds dac was connected directly to my power amp. Had my preamp been off, I would not have heard the noise and would have come to the proper conclusion without all this unnecessary confusion.

Frode, does any of this apply to your situation?

Thanks to all for your help with this.

One last question for anyone with a Cary SLP-05 preamp and ds dac: Does you preamp pick up ir remote signals and amplify them over your speakers?

Now I’m wondering if I have an issue with my preamp that needs attention. Other than the annoyance, I would hope that this characteristic is not an indication of a failing or out-of-spec component.



Thanks for letting us know. I hope you get it sorted out.

powerfreq said Frode, does any of this apply to your situation?
I have to wait until my preamp returns, however i tried running it direct and had no ticks in any situation, so this gives some indication at least. I will try these tests after hooking up my preamp next week.


Thanks for the the additional info Frode.

What preamp were (will) you be using? Does it use an ir remote also?




My preamp consists of 100 relays (0dB to -100dB) with loud clicks and display so I would know immediatly if there would exist any IR conflict.