DS making unusual noise

As the topic suggests my Directstream just started making an unusual hissing or buzzing noise when I have my amplifier at a loud volume. None of my other DACs or sources have this problem with the Amp and when I turn off the DS the Amp no longer makes the noise, so the sound is definitely coming from the DS. I have had the DS for around 12 months and I usually keep it on 24x7 and it’s never done this before.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong? I hate to send it in for repair and be without it for a week or two! Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have been using the DS with the 20dB attenuator engaged, and now it is off, this may be the source of the noise. Some systems will amplify the inherent noise of the DS enough to hear it when the attenuator is not engaged.

I don’t think I have, but how can I check that? Thanks for the suggestion BTW!

BTW I think this is a relevant piece of information (not sure how it affects your suggestion), the DS is making the noise even when no music is being played through it. So if I stop the music, it still makes the sound until I power it off. I really appreciate any and all help and suggestions.


Thanks for the suggestions… I figured it out… I have a solid state amp (GSX MK2) plugged into the XLR’s and a tube amp (Linear Tube Art M2S) plugged in to the RCAs. Well the RCA cables (Nordorst Hemdale 2s) have WBT locking connectors and they actually removed the RCA jacks from the DS :)! Any way when I removed the cables the noise was gone, and when I put the jacks back on the DS and put the cables back the noise was still gone. These WBT terminations seem to consistently remove the RCA jacks from the DS though, and I cant get them to stay on properly anymore. My next question is does anyone know how to get the RCA jacks to stay back on after a cable pulls of the head and leaves the plastic sleave that goes in between the head of the jack and the part that’s attached to the DS?

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Hello,this may be of some help.


Right on point! That’s exactly my situation, thanks for posting that!

I really feel a bit uncomfortable supergluing on my DAC though, and suspect if I did and the problem persisted my dealer may say I voided the warranty by using superglue on the machine.

Being that I’m not in the states I think I’ll have to take it to my dealer and let him partake in the gluing if he feels that’s the best option, at least that way I know he’ll have to continue to provide warranty service if that solution fails.