DSD (DSF) files from NAS to Bridge 2 with Android

Hi, I’m thinking about going to Bridge 2 but before going any further I wanted to make sure I can play DSD files from my Synology NAS without having a computer/laptop I.e. I want control everything from a tablet? I understand I’d need Bubbleupnp to stream Tidal via an Android device, but can this app also play the DSF files from my NAS?

I’m currently using an Auralic Aries and the Lightening DS app handles the DSF files fine.

Thanks, Mike.

Should work fine. Your NAS will need to run server software, of course, such as minimserver. If you use minimserver, there is a setting to stream DSF as DoP.

I play DSF files from my Synology to B2 all the time, using MinimServer. Just remember that the Bridge is limited to single-rate DSD and you will need to use DoP. I hear no difference in SQ with DoP. Give B2 some break-in, maybe 25 hours or so before listening critically. No computer needed and the SQ is superb! cool

You’re right about using BubbleUPnP if you want Tidal. I have tried several control points for iOS and one or two others on Android, and BubbleUPnP is overall the best IMO, even ignoring the question of Tidal.

Thanks for the helpful responses gents.

Apologies for being dim but, putting Tidal to one side for now, what IOS App would you recommend for playing all formats from NAS to Bridge 2 i.e. Red Book, hi rez and DSF, assuming I’ve got minimserver installed on the NAS?

I want to compare the Aries and Bridge 2 before making final decision, and don’t want to buy an android device just for the comparison.

Thanks again,


AFAIK, any UPnP control point will play whatever your server knows how to handle – you don’t have to worry about whether a CP can play high-res PCM or DSD as long as the server does so. That said: mconnect is decent overall but has a couple of annoyances, chiefly the fact that it requires you to reselect your server (library) and your renderer (Bridge) every time you start. The regular version of mconnect is free, although there is an HD version that costs a few bucks and gives you some extra features. I also like Creation 5 media player; not free, but I think they have an ad-supported version also. You can really use any CP for comparing the sound of the Aries and B2, even the old, ugly, yucky-interface (but free) PlugPlayer.

I’ve never used an Aries, so I will be curious to find out what you hear. B2 fed by MinimServer is awfully good.

For a long time I heard about how good BubbleUPnP is but resisted buying a second tablet. Finally my local office supply store had a very attractive sale on low-end Android tablets and I bought one (hardly any battery life, but what do you expect for the price). BubbleUPnP really is the best of all those I’ve tried; definitely recommended if you decide to stay with the Bridge. I now wish I had spent a little more for better screen and battery.

Thanks all. After a few hiccups, got Java and Minimserver installed on NAS and am able to play all music types to DS via Mconnect. App not as slick as Lightening DS (Auralic) but it does the job. Next step is to get hold of a B2 for comparison! Cheers, Mike.

One more thing, Mike: on my system mconnect sometimes does not find the Bridge for a long time. If you encounter this problem, just try a different control point; all the others I’ve tried have no trouble finding the Bridge.

The endpoint uPnP discovery process can be very unpredictable.

Frode said The endpoint uPnP discovery process can be very unpredictable.
True with JRiver as well. I now know what to do everytime JRiver can't find the Bridge II, but it took a while to figure out (still creates some anxious moments). Miss being able to reset Bridge I uPnP server via a web browser. Would love to see a feature like that in the upcoming updates!!!

Hello Mike,

additionally you might install the BubbleUPnP Server

“on top” of the MinimServer or any other media server. Via the web interface of BubbleUPnP Server it is possible to set the Bridge II as an OpenHome renderer. The Aries is using this OH mode, too. To control the Bridge this way you can use the Lumin app for iOS or BubbleDS Next for Android.

Playback of native DSF files is possible. You just have to add “dsf:dopwav” in the stream.transcode line. You find this line via MinimWatch under “Properties” and “System”.


Thanks Mario. Does controlling the bridge 2 from the Lumin app in that way mean that you can also stream Tidal from an IOS device? Or are you sill limited to playing from your local music collection? Cheers, Mike.

Yes, it should work. The Lumin app (scroll down a bit to the Tidal part) brings Tidal support beside Qobuz (which I use).

You might give the Lumin app and Tidal a try with your Aries for now. When you have the Bridge II installed you just need to switch between the “Lumins” (Aries or Bridge II).