DSD MKII Ticking sound

Ok now it is through the whole disc, seems less on higher dynamic portions, this disc is a test for any system, i am at 63 on the SGP

Is that the SACD stereo only disk or the SACD stereo and multichannel disk? Does the character of the ticks change as you raise or lower the volume on the Mk II?


No just hooked up the SGD no issue’s

Ted thanks gor replying

No the ticks dont change with volume. The SGD might be the way to go for me. The MKII is more musical though

Which is fine because the MKII is more like vinyl which i am a huge fan of. I think you Paul and James and all of the team are doing your best to provide the best value and support to your customer’s.

I am trying to get to my end game digital system because i have reached that with my vinyl playback with the DS Audio cartridge

JT Snead

Hello Ted,

SACD I used to evaluate ticking sound is SACD stereo I believe; I didn’t try volume since I kept it at 100 (using pre-amp, single ended). I was wondering the source DMP vs. PST have anything to do with ticking sound? thanks;

As far as I know most people that have the problem are using the PST or DMP. I have one report using the Matrix- X-SPDIF 2, but I’m not convinced that it’s the exact same problem. The reason I ask about the Stereo version of “Time Out” is that the original SACD release was Stereo DSD only, no CD layer and no multi-channel section. It was re-released on SACD later with both a Stereo section and a multichannel section.


I have only had the MK2 in my system for about 24 hours, but I have noticed ticks and pops, like ‘old vinyl’ sound, on my SACDs as well. I have only tried a couple of SACDs so far. I, however, am not using the PST or DMP and am not using I2S. I play SACDs on an Oppo BDP-103, through a Geerfab D.BOB, into the MK2 via coax. The same setup didn’t result in any static or pops with the MK1.


I have a PST into a DS Mk II and have heard some occasional dropouts. I blamed the CD/SACD at time, but recently I heard some snaps (some might call it a tick) that sounded like a static discharge while playing an LP. Maybe these two issues (dropouts and snaps) aren’t related, but it sure seems like I have an issue similar to others in this thread.

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Thanks, that’s helpful information.



With the settings I listed above and an overnight power down I was able to eliminate the static noise/distortion.

Then I left for two weeks and removed the power to all my audio equipment. When I returned yesterday, I powered everything up and played a DSD disc. No distortion…until about 2 hours in the distortion returned. I power cycled both the MK2 DAC and DMP, no change…distortion still present. I turned everything off in frustration.

Today, I installed a new PST replacing my DMP. Played a PCM disc, distortion was worse than I have ever heard. I tried a DSD disc, same results…excessive distortion. I changed the ground settings on both the input and output in various combinations. No change, excessive distortion. I have power cycled both the DAC and transport numerous times. No change, excessive distortion.

I never had any noise or ground issues in my system until I installed the MK2 DAC. All of my components are powered by P5 power plants each connected to separate dedicated circuits.

Caleb Coulombe at PS Audio has been helpful with suggesting things to try but now with the new PST things are worse and I am at a loss as to what to do to resolve.

Suggestions, anyone?? @tedsmith


Thanks for the information. We are having a hard time reproducing this issue at PS Audio. Please contact PS Audio support.


Thanks @tedsmith, I’ve been in constant contact with PS Audio since I received the MK2 DAC on 04 Feb 2024 and experienced the issue.

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Mine was received about the same time (02 Feb 2024) and had consistent ticking sound since first SACD playback. Both DMP and mk2 powered by P20 at home. I was wondering if this is just related to recently built mk2s or across the board on older mk2s as well? mk2 is at PS audio but hard to reproduce the issue. I discussed with PS audio team and sent in my DMP, HDMI cable, and a SACD disc to assist the diagnostic. Hopefully this will help identifying the root cause.

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I hope so. I never experienced the DSD ticking sound with my DMP, only since I installed the PST a few days ago.

I bought my MK2 on April 29th. It arrived in a matter of days even though i specifically asked for it not to be shipped as i would be out of the country. I set it up and put about 60 minutes of listening time on it playing streams from Amazon and Spotify with no issues at all, sounds great. Played a redbook with no issues, played a SACD and low and behold crackles like a crappy record…i don’t even know what made me look on Google to see if it was a issue. I am sad as this would have been my second PS Audio product. It will have to be returned, to me this is an expensive piece of equipment and it seems to look like a known issue. I will not be happy if i have to pay return shipping on what is effectively is a device not fit for purpose…


Did they end up finding a solution for you?

PS audio did bunch of testing but the results were intermittent; in the end they sent me a new replacement production unit that they tested. I have had the new unit for a while and it does not produce ticking sound playing SACD, now I can just sit back and enjoy the music.


Great to hear!