ethernet cable CAT7

My home is wired with Belkin CAT 5e from Apple Extreme router and Netgear Gigabit switch, there are 20 wired outlets. Would there be any benefit in using a “high end” such as Audioquest or Wireworld CAT7 cable from NAS to outlet and from outlet to Perfect Bridge? Any insight comment would be helpful.

Welcome, hutchp

We have discussed this a number of times, such as here. In summary, some have found a benefit.

The Forum’s search function is poor. I suggest entering the following in Google: ethernet

It is really a crap shoot at this point in time. You might first try exchanging your final cable with an inexpensive Cat7, like a Belkin. You also might try moving the NAS to your listening room and adding a switch after the wall outlet. Are you having any network troubles or only looking for a bump in sound quality?

Only looking for a bump in sound quality. I had tried the Forums search function, to no avail. Thanks for info on searching Google. NAS is in same room as soon to be ordered Directstream will be. I have two ethernet “outlets” in room, both going to switch in adjacent roo/cabinet. Thanks again

Using a nas and it not being in the room and on its own private network allows for changing in sound quality . It maY or may not ever happen but it can. If your network becomes busy things slow down but audio suffers before video. Having a cat 7 cable and just using it as a patch cable i think is a waiste but I am sure others or the maker of the fancy cable may say different.