Floating floor over concrete slab acoustic treatments

Clever! Thank you!

Great attention to detail…love, love, love seeing speakers out into the room like that (guessing about 1/3 in along the long walls?). I have managed to achieve similar front-to-back placement of my speakers and it does wonders for sound staging/depth and bass clarity.

There must be at least a smudge on a light switch or a coffee dribble on the carpet in the room somewhere. If you share a close up picture or two of these blemishes it would give me something to criticize.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


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Yes, speakers/chair are approximately 1/3 / 2/3 length-ways. I pretty
closely follow Cardas’ speaker placement for my room size. The only
real issue for me with speakers out from the front wall, is that
recordings with say when are cymbals mic’d left or right and come from
the one speaker of the other. The distance is physically impossible when
the drums are closer to the front wall. For other single piece
instruments its not a problem, it just creates the illusion of a larger
sound stage. However, its a small price to pay for all the other
benefits as you say.

You are welcome.

I understand the drum kit/cymbals thing, but I chalk that up to “micing” and recording engineering choices (sometime missteps), in most cases. IME, artificiality is pretty much unavoidable with a lot of recordings as soon as your system achieves a certain level of “resolution”, for lack of a better term.

Further to the drum kit challenge, I pretty much have to just suspend my disbelief when a drummer’s riff spans the 8-15 foot wide soundstage in front of me. Otherwise I can’t figure out how they can reach across and strike some those drums and such from a sitting position. :slight_smile:


Yep! Agreed