Feet For FR -30s

I’m concerned that the feet supplied with the speakers for hard floors might permanently dent my vinyl plank flooring. If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate hearing from you.

Or what 3rd party feet might I use, I’m surprised something wasn’t included?

Possibly the Gaias. I am using them to good effect on my Pure Audio Project speakers.

Gaia isolation feet

My FR20’s are on a rug but I use Herbie’s giant decoupling sliders under them, largely so that they are at least somewhat moveable. I can’t claim to have done much in the way of listening tests with and without them. As mentioned, the Isoacoustic Gaias would seem to be another possibility. Here’s a link to the sliders:


Thanks both of you


I also have used the Herbies sliders for many years. My speakers are lighter than the FR20s, so I’m not sure just how they would work in your system (Herbie’s site probably has maximum weight info). But I’ve been happy with them and they do enable me to move the speakers while protecting the floors.

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If you are planning on keeping the spikes on your speakers, I also highly recommend you give the Herbie’s decoupling sliders a listen.

They are very fairly priced and I think their design and purported efficacy makes sense; in that they should prevent vibrations from bouncing back up through the spikes and/or prevent vibrations originating outside of the speakers from traveling up through the spikes and into the speaker cabinets (at least that’s the claim/theory as I understand it).


Yes, Gaias are an aftermarket option (with the M8 fasteners). You can also remove the spiked tip from the stock feet.

We also had a customer on the forum here use the SVS subwoofer feet on his, since he wanted rubber feet.


So you mean after I have the the speakers in their final position just remove the sliders ?

No you leave the sliders under the spikes as that decouples the speaker from the floor. Another alternative is that they also come in a “studded” version that replaces the spikes altogether. I have used both types.

Thanks for all the suggestions, think I’ll go with the Herbies if they can handle the 230# load I need.

For what it’s worth I’ve also long used the Herbies giant sliders under my Wilson Sophia 3’s (165 pounds each, front spikes on rug and rear on sprung hardwood), with good results.

Thks, I’ve written them to see if the their Decoupling Sliders will handle the 230#

Are the FR-30’s that weight each or is that the weight for a pair?

Well I actually wondered the same thing, manual says 230 so I assumed it’s each, guess I should confirm… they are pretty heavy though. But doubt they only weigh 115.

It must be 230 pounds for each speaker. My FR20s are listed as 133 pounds and that’s definitely each speaker.

Yes I concluded same thing