FM "HD Radio" signal through DS DAC

Is it conceivable to put a terrestrial radio signal through the DS DAC, for those of us who live in remote rural areas that do not anticipate high speed home internet service in the foreseeable future?

Radio is analog…

I understand. Still, today’s FM signal carries a digital component capable of being decoded by an appropriate HD receiver. I would welcome decoding that digital component carried by the FM signal through the DS DAC for the reason detailed above.

I should add that what is suggested here may warrant creation of a new device for PS Audio’s rural customers. I assume–likely incorrectly–that many, globally, do not have access to high-speed streaming at home.

FM Radio > Amplifier. No DAC required.

True. But I’d like to lend the benefits of the DS DAC to the “HD Radio” digital signal.

Sure, you just need a HD radio with optical output, not through bridge, like this one for example. It’s discontinued, I don’t HD radio ever took off except in car head units.

Current model with both Optical Digital SPDIF or Digital Coaxial Outputs

Thank you SO much! I will try this.

You’re very welcome. I have HDRadio in my 16 year old truck and it makes a significant difference to the quality of radio as I’m sure you experienced. No, it’s not 24 bit/192kHz but its fine for the truck.

I would expect Ted’s magic code will process the signal quite nicely. I have a BHK with unused inputs but I prefer everything processed through my fan-less Roon Core + HQPe > IS2 > DS.

I hope Roon will someday add inputs from USB or other perhaps I’ll get one of these radios.

Concerning radio, for the audiophile, I found this:

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^ For $3,500 I bet even the political ads will sound great on that!
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Edit: my mistake, the model you found is only $1,200! Huh. That’s not bad, actually. If only there was a radio station in my area I could stand listening to for more than 10 minutes.

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Agreed. I would think the <$200 even with a few quirks would be adequate. HD radio approaches CD quality, no need to over kill it.

Agreed. But this is an alternative for those interested in overkill! :grin:

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