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I know that there is a list of audiophile words in Pauls’s book, the Audiophile Guide The Stereo. I’m wondering if there is general consensus about certain aspects.

In this forum a few members are using words to describe different qualities they can hear changing components, speakers, cables, tubes, fuses and so on.

I often tried to describe what I’m hearing but lack of experience, translation from my original language or whatever could be misunderstood. The concept itself of sound quality is so subjective that simple words we are using could identify something for me a little different for others.

It would be useful to collect in a thread (if not already done) all those terms able to define qualities in audio personal perspectives. Especially now with some beta testers involved in sharing descriptions of new units.


I use some of these words to describe what I’m hearing, but the meaning can be different for other members. If you agree, please write here what a single word is referring to in your opinion when you describe a particular sound characteristic.

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Thank you Palouse, I think we can find tons of expert and non expert guides. Useful for beginners to understand something about audiophile language.

I’m more focusing my attention on specific meanings of words that people here on this forum are using, personal interpretations so to speak.

To be more clear: when I use the word openness I’m referring to a particular spaciousness or air I can hear between instruments and singer, able to bring me the size of the room. The result is pleasant and the realism of the scene can increase a lot, at the point I can feel myself more engaged and in contact with the music. Openness, for me.


Good share. Thanks, Palouse.

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