Front Wall Treatment - DIY

@brett66 - thanks, GIK sells a nice 17.5in X 17.5in (5in deep) diffusor I will be trying this fall. I’m going to place 2 on each side right behind the speakers. Although, this is technically my music room, the boss always weighs in on the treatments and I’m pacing myself. The ceiling cloud I hung while she was busy watching her favorite TV program. The GIK A4 2D is absorber w/ diffusor grate so I will try the skyline diffusors, then remove the grates to see how big a difference. Very easy to remove w/ just 4 small screws per treatment.

My ASC isothermal traps have a screen diffusor about 1/3 the circumference of the trap, marked by double button. Behind the speaker has diffusion; however, I’m going to try the GIK 23 diffusor and see how that works. I ‘m also rotating the tab to see about the trap diffusor affect.

[edit] - 17.5in sq, not 18.5in sq.

I will never believe anything you post again, dude ; )

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OMG - run the bath water and hand me the sharp rusty knife!

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I’m curious - what do these GIK panels claim to accomplish? Assuming that it’s diffusion, do the purported claims conform to the laws of physics - specifically the quarter wavelength rule? Over what range of frequencies does it claim to be effective for? My understanding is that the depth of diffusers need to be at least 12 inches to diffuse low-midrange frequencies of ~300Hz (which have 48 inch or 4 ft. wavelengths).

@John_H - their website is chock full of information and they are 4in deep and they work great.

John - The GiK Alphas are absorbers with scatter plates on the face. I wouldn’t think they perform the same as a skyline alone, or an absorber without a scatter plate (apparently removable per Richard).

I will admit to thinking the same thing when I first saw them in Paul’s new rooms. I have no comparison to make, as I didn’t hear before and after there, nor have I shot them out against skylines - but they’re clearly intended to do a bit of both in one device (and obviously in the same spot), and look good doing it.

Likely hard to tell from the picture above of my current room, as the 1st reflection Real Trap is sitting proud of the diffusors due to the TV stand…but the RT in center is 3" deep, and the Multifusors are 6" deep. I would think all but much larger ones (as in the YG room) don’t diffuse other than HF.

Actually took away a couple off diffusors the other day, as it is a lot for the size of room, and this throws some reflective TV surface back in the mix. Dunno if its better or not. But - moving to a new place this week in any case, and that’ll be a whole 'nother Kettle of Fish. Completely asymetrical room with shag carpeting🤷🏻‍♂️


I don’t want to be too sarcastic, but there are too many companies on the market which rely on pseudo-science to sell their products. As a discriminating consumer, you should ask for objective data on acoustic panel products before buying them.

Exactly how do the GIK panels diffuse sound with just an inch (or two) of dimensional variance, and what is their effective bandwidth? And exactly how do they absorb bass energy (air pressure)?

Admittedly, few may have the appetite or resources to treat the entire living space, but I strongly believe that room acoustics are the most important variable to optimize, and then the quality of AC power.

Accordingly, I have installed over 2,000kgs of treatment modules, as optimization of room acoustics require this much (and more!) to address room resonance (low bass pressure) issues through diaphragmatic absorbers, as well as higher frequency issues through quadratic diffusers having sufficiently wide bandwidth. My 16" deep Prime-17 quadratic diffusors horizontally diffuse acoustic energy from the mid-bass (250Hz) to the high-midrange (3.4kHz).

I have then addressed the quality of the AC power with two PS Audio Directstream Powerplant P20s (one for each monoblock amplifier) in my system.

There are many resources on the Internet which will provide more information on room acoustics -specifically, the importance, mechanism, and role of quadratic diffusors:

Understanding the quarter wavelength rule:

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Front wall treatment for intellectuals :grinning:


That guy is a poor 'splainer.

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@badbeef - yes, had a phone interview with this dude a year ago… too funny… his advice was blow up the room you will never hear anything good… and give me $$$$$ and I will design you an amazing studio that you can listen to music… there is no one who knows acoustics like him… ask him he will tell you he is amazing and extremely smart and he smells good too… I just really enjoy my crappy room without his help… and I have taken my wife out to dinner with the money I saved… all good… :sunglasses:

Dude was trolling for people with tons of money… I’m so glad I am broke and can barely afford PSA equipment… saves me from going bankrupt… :nerd_face:


As information posted on the Internet may end up in undesirable places, I’ve gone back to my post to edit out the juicy content. Those who want to know more, please PM me; thanks!

Yes, I admit the dude hooked me, reeled me in, and …
I’m still very disturbed about his greedy and unethical behavior, and the grief I had to endure. But the science is sound (no pun intended)…


The most extreme story of room treatment I actually sat in were a couple of guys with McMansions and a boutique high-end audio gear business. They outfitted the basement of one with $250k of treatment (full Helmholtz wall, etc.). Decided it sucked, tore it out and did it again.

It was after this second try that I heard some of the large Rockports in there. Still sucked ; ). But it could be that I just didn’t care for the gear/speakers, despite being well-regarded megabuck stuff. Can’t really say how much the room had to do with it. Sort of a half-million dollar one seat setup (if you forget about the wasted $250k)

Mark - I don’t mind wall treatment zealots, like born agains when the are no longer hung up on drugs, they found God. Most zealots are hard core cynics that were rolled. I do mind thinly vailed “look at me, I’m smart and you are stupid”. He needs to tone it down. A better conversation starts with asking me about measurements. In both these zealots post there was never seek to understand before it is try to convert.

Let’s share insight and different approaches. Like I listened and understood why you did the diffusors the way you did and I learned. Stop with the smack me in the mouth first couple of sentences like he and Vince did. I get it, you found God… don’t invoke his wrath in your bully pulpit… I am a very stupid person and have made that clear on a few occasions… change is about presenting a new model of anything in the context of understanding the old model to create a paradigm shift. This enlightenment occurs over time, not in one post.


Badbeef, would you by chance have any photos to share? :wink:

Nope - sorry :man_shrugging:t2: