Front Wall Treatment - DIY

Finished front wall treatment install -
Before Starting - Behind the curtains is a window

Planning Stages - Add a framed dual 4ft X 2ft GIK A4 2D inside the window well

Frame realized biscuting the frame and securing in place w/ staples both sides.

Finished - now put the curtains back and reconstitute the rack


Richard, FWIW - the Co Audio Society just had a tour of YG’s factory, and they have a very nice sound room:

The theory of the German company that makes the treatments used is that the usual diffusion-down-the-middle approach is wrong, and that it should be absorbtion down the middle with diffusion to the sides.

I have panels in front of my TV that I rarely take down, and they were diffusion in the middle. So when I got back, I switched it around, and the imaging seems better.



@badbeef - Thanks for your input. The GIK A4 2D is an absorber/diffusor and the intent is to get rid of the glass reflections primarily; however, next step is a 7 segment diffusor on each side of the treatment and see how that works. I may look at skyline 2D, that is this fall. I want to put this back together and see how it works. The rear of this room is very complex and really sucks a lot of low freq bass out, reason for the elevated bass traps. I had them from floor to ceiling and really did not like it… so I elevated them and the room sounded better. I just got rid of the first reflection issues with the absorbers that have scatter plates in front that you don’t see. Thanks a lot for sharing, I may just try 2D skyline diffusors on each side… yeah… that sounds like a great idea.


Just finished reconstituting the rack with some added improvements:

  1. Voodo pucks under P20
  2. Sbooster plinth w/ Isoacoustic pucks under.
  3. Added cable restrainer on back of rack.
  4. Looped in the SR Delta NR cables for the Sbooster LPS.
  5. Re-laid-out the top shelf to maximize the spacing.
  6. Placed the P20 at the bottom of the rack.


Great work dealing with the window. The end result looks totally professional and will undoubtedly be a sonic improvement over the curtains. How does it look from outside the house?

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@MTB_Vince - non issue because we have sun screens on all windows; making it impossible to look into any window. In AZ, it gets 120+F so we need to really deal with the sun. I just converted a 10ft X 15ft screened in porch to an atrium last week; back yard is 115F and the glass wall (12ft custom slider & custom glass; argon gas, very, very low e) is cool to the touch inside. At 3:00PM in the afternoon (height of hot in AZ) the atrium is a few degrees warmer than the AC ducted great room adjacent near the glass without an AC duct in the room. The great room AC duct is in ceiling one foot from the 12ft slider going into the atrium from Great room. I use to hate living here in summer (2011) and this summer it is a pleasure staring out at the 120F afternoon in a very cool room with no AC ducts and remote controlled ceiling fan is not even necessary.

The paver path was to the old screened in door and we are re-routing that path for the outdoor grille on the side… a lot going on this summer.

I was going to add the sun screens to the glass wall and it is not necessary for heat blocking and I have no neighbors behind me and to the right. There is a park on the side of the house where the music room is so cranking my tunes is no issue. My wife put all these solar lights around as accents so it looks like a diorama or vignette at night, very cool looking out at the back yard at night.

The blanket is marking off where there will be a fire bowl with reflective crystals; RF controlled so we just sit back and scope out the back yard at night. I added an IR extender in that room to control the music room stereo with iPad too.


@badbeef - Mark - I got to thinking about the 2D diffusion and absorption in the middle of the front wall. The GIK A4 2D diffusor grate easily comes off with 4 small screws per treatment. Since I was going w/ a Q7d diffusor on each side, I might try a skyline instead and listen for a month, then take the 2D diffusor grate off the middle treatment and see how it sounds. Great feedback, thanks!

Mark - what is the diffusor dimensions? I assume they are 2 squares put together on each side? I can go up to 20in wide maximum, will be looking for an 18in X 18in skyline I can place two on each side.

That looks fantastic. I’m moving to new space next year and had the same idea to block the windows with GIK products. Yours is much more professional than I could do on my own. I’ll probably have a contractor do it.

If you didn’t mind, I’d love to contact you when I get to that point to get some ideas. Very nice job. :grinning:

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@ihmeyers - there are a lot smarter acoustic minded audiophiles on this forum than me. I have only been into stereo for a year. When you move, just shout out in the forum that you need some advice and we will all help you. This is a great forum for ideas and help and it is kept very nice by very passionate audiophiles just looking to share and help.

They’re about 23.5" square. Vicoustic Multifusors

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Oh, not just diffusion, absorption too… GIK has 23 quad skyline diffusor (5in deep) at 18.5in sq and a pair for ~$400 w/ shipping. That would fit nice. I’m hearing cleaner upper octaves already, more pure and really detailed and sweet. Love the sax and other horns (trumpet, flute) with the front wall treatment.

2x4’ RealTraps, and the ones in the corners are their bass traps which are about 57"x24"x4.5".

OK gotcha… center 2ft X 4ft flanked by pairs of 2ft X 2ft skylines and the 2ft X 5ft in the corners. Nice set up.

WTF on the speaker sitting on JL Audio subs? No space I assume for the subs? I’m a fan of Harbeth speakers and I have dual 10in JL Audio subs in my Deuce trunk. I designed the enclosure.

Yeah - no space. One of the reasons I need to move.

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Cool… sux moving… I would move to Louisville for the better housing and travel for entertainment. I am not social so that never matters to me. How bad are the rents?

$2/s.f. and up. About half that in Louisville.

I had a 700sqft shoe box 1 bedroom in Woodland Hills (30min) north of LA cost $2K a month… LA is nuts… yeah, move to Louisville… can pick up 1200sqft for $1200 is great price. My younger staff picked up a 1 BR 700sqft for $3K a month in LA… crazy…

This place is $2500 for 1ks.f., so…similarly nuts.

Yeah, similar… that’s nuts… but you are right next to the hotties and the view is slamming. About 5 mi is a huge dairy farm and the wind shifts from time to time and it’s like WTF…

I’ve tried it both ways and prefer broadband absorption in the middle and diffusers behind speakers, not a subtle delta in my room