GCD successor on the horizon?

Happy cake day and retirement Craig! Methinks the “sold out” tags would be because they’re not on sale to the general public yet…


I wasn’t aware of their not being for sale yet. If that’s the case, I’m not sure what the point is in putting them on the website.

Probably a marketing teaser.

And Happy Cake Day! :cake:

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Stellar Gold preamp looks great, but more than double the price of the GCD. Paul’s explanation kinda sorta makes sense. Is the trade up program still in effect? If so, that’s the only way I would get one.

Happy cake day Craig!

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Seems like the M1200 becomes the PSA pivot point where you can go up or down the DAC and Pre food chain and have a good match. However at over 4x the combined function cost of the GCD I’m not sure where this leaves the S300 and M700.

Absolutely the trade in program is in full swing. They are looking for beta testers interested in trying these out. Give the guys a call or an email if you’re interested.


Nothing like that planned. We would encourage folks to pair up the M1200s with the StellarGold products for an extraordinary system. I gotta tell you, these new Gold products are really extraordinary sounding.

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No home theater bypass on the new preamp?

There is a HT bypass. I think it’s on one of the RCA jacks. I can check for you but for sure it has that.