New Stellar Gold series

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Beta testers are being sought. I can’t participate but was invited by email–I imagine that email went out to many.

Thats how I found out. But no interest. They should know I have a MKII and registered BHKPre


They are probably just emailing all on the mailing list. I can’t see them analyzing who has what and selectively emailing.

I have a fantastic tube preamp (Decware ZTPRE) and the DSD Mk II and I’m audio-money-broke for a while so no participation from me either. But it would be fun for some to be testers I’m sure. I was a tester for one of the products and enjoyed the experience.

I got one, too. No detailed info about the financial commitment required, but since I don’t have a job anymore, there isn’t a deal possible that would be good enough. :wink:


You know I have to ask. M1200 Gold?

The thought’s crossed my mind… :star_struck: Certainly nothing imminent.


Or M2000 Gold ?

Put a racing stripe on it, M1200 is already gold.


I got the email. I’m thinking about it but I would have to get both the preamp and the dac to replace my current combination dac-preamp (DSPeaker X4).

I actually could beta test this DAC unit if it has gain control. I’ve got a set of Genelec G Three speakers on my desk. Would be awesome to see how this new gen PS Audio DAC improves sound quality over my current DAC.

The spec sheet says that it does have digital volume control. I have a couple of analog sources so would need the pre for those.

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What’s the commitment when you are a tester? Just curious cause I was considering. Thx

It was not spelled out in the email. Perhaps ask:

Ok, I saw the limited email, I thought you had some past experience with this. Regards :smiley:

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I was a beta tester for a transport but I would not assume that the terms were the same.

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It does indeed have a full lossless volume control that works great.


Would love to participate, but with a furlough hanging over my wife’s head for the Feds, timing isn’t good.

So if I’m reading this right, the preamplifier has just two inputs? Which effectively means that you use the DAC to change inputs on digital sources and you use the second input in the Preamplifier for a single analog source?

I hate to criticize, but that seems like a huge step backwards from the Gain Cell pre and its eight different inputs. Or am I totally missing something (which is totally possible). I guess that if you can use the same remote on both components, that makes it more convenient, but if not, changing sources seems more complicated than the single Gain Cell doing both DAC and Pre- duty.

The stepping back on inputs doesn’t seem unique to PS Audio as Peachtree cut the inputs on their newer integrateds too. I just wonder if it’s the right approach.