HiFi News DS DAC MK2 Review

Just came across this quite positive review.

If it’s already been posted elsewhere then please delete. Thanks.

DS DAC MK2 Review from HiFi News


I did see it posted here somewhere, probably in the impressions thread. The reviewer managed to get one of the technical details very wrong – he writes about “truncation” when the exact opposite happens and the data being processed at that point is upwards of 50 bits wide not 1 bit wide. But I’m glad he liked the sound.

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Thanks for letting me know it does appear elsewhere in the Forum.

@Elk if this thread is redundant then please feel free to eliminate it. Thanks.

I think it is buried in the impressions thread. Leaving it here makes sense as I bet many have not yet seen this review.

Thank you Joe-appierto…

Good review…measurements seem to defy ASR’s

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