Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? J Atkinson, H Reichert, S Deckert, M Lavorgna, GoldenSound, D Abramson and the Stereophile reviewers think so. Stereophile A+ and POY 2020

Yeah I have everything running of a P20. I never really heard a difference with multi wave but I’ll take your suggestion and give it a try at level 6. I think it would be also interesting comparing it with and without the P20.

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Multi wave vs sine wave differences in sq…

What my ears tell me…with my system…with P15

Sine wave presents quick delicate as well as strong orchestral
spatial 3d cues…

Whereas as multiwave gives a more solid body of instruments
albeit with the loss of nuances…

The lower multiwave settings are closer to sine wave sq while
increasing to 3 and up brings the more solid fuller bodied effect.

Some recordings definitely need multi wave and at tmes 5 -6
level in order to breath life into those recordings…

Hope that helps shed some light.

Best wishes


Thanks. Do you have a May or a different DAC?


The DS MKII come along …then we truly shall see…"

I’d like to check out the May. Getting tired of waiting for new PS product. If they beta in November its January or later until commonly available. With parts shortages who knows how long the wait actually.

I don’t think you will be disappointed with the May. I went in thinking it might be better than the DSD but I was shocked at the difference. It wasn’t like a cable change where you’re really trying hard to tell minor differences, it was definitely more apparent. I’ve never heard the MKII nor do I think anyone else outside of PS Audio has, so I really don’t have a clue as to if it’s better than the current DSD. I haven’t been keeping up with the MKII but others on the forum have and from what I understand it will be more expensive than the current DSD. Since the May is already cheaper than the DSD but outperforms it, in my opinion the MKII being more expensive further widens the ratio of price to performance. But since none of know what, when and how much the MKII will be it’s just a guess at this point. The May is such a hot product, I felt that the risk is low given how fast and for how much it’s sells for on the used market. Good luck on your search.


I hear ya friend…

For me, patience is the key word…if I appreciate and like
where my gear stands sonically and no rush to upgrade
anything…places me in a no pressure relaxed desirable place…

However am currently evaluating another highly thought of dac…

So …currently have and using Oppo 205…according to ASR
the 205 still sits in the top 12 dac devices…wow!!

However sadly awesome PS Audio dacs are way at the bottom.
as well as the Wyred4Sound dac 2v2se ASR downs them both…
purely on measurements…and go so far as to berate them…
Not cool at all…

A couple of the Chord models including the Chord Hugo are not
recommended as well…Amazing…
In the integrated amp section they don’t recommend an Accuphase
integrated…Imagine that…hardly believable…

ASR raves about the Holo May…
While the Holo May is very intriguing tempting…
especially price wise…

Just not for me as of now…will wait and see how
the DS MKII shakes out…

Best wishes to all!!


There-in lies the challenge looking to upgrade right now. Current system is Pass Labs Aleph30, Magnepan 1.6QR speakers, Mogami wires, and an OPPO Sonica DAC.

The listening room was professionally analyzed and acoustically treated by GIK Acoustics.

Both the room and equipment exceed the performance of the (actually pretty darn good) Sonica DAC.

I auditioned a DirectStream DAC last year a friend owned with the Windom firmware. It was definitely a whole level above a good ESS Sabre chip DAC like the Sonica.

$5K is my limit. I do have a couple of quality audio prices to sell or trade to off-set going higher, but over current MSRP with an Ethernet connection would be a challenge. I’d really like to go PS Audio, and appreciate being American designed and made; plus Paul’s attitude towards his customers seems genuine and terrific. Transparency is a big plus.

It’s difficult to stare into an information vacuum of “when and how much” for the new mkII product. With supply shortages are we looking at next year sometime? Who knows the price? I’d be OK waiting if I knew the mkII was $ obtainable, but kick myself for standing by for 6 months without any DAC upgrade only find MkII unavailable or priced out of reach.

Hard to dispute @tedsmith is a hifi rockstar.

As I’ve written earlier, I’d be happy with the current mk1 product, but resale is already starting to slip and likely slip a lot more as we move closer to the mkII introduction. If I were rich, I wouldn’t care.


It’s all so relative and “your mileage may vary.” I have an Oppo UDP-205 AND a DSD. The DSD I consider twice as great sounding as the Oppo or more. ASV’s opinions thus seem ridiculous to me!

It’s hard to make any judgments without hearing the devices themselves. . . . Which is a big hurdle for many. Luckily for me budget is just not there for sampling other DACs and buying a new one; as a result the fact that I am very happy with my DSD and DMP combo is a very satisfying one.



Ted is a demigod. If he can solve the parts supply problem, he will elevate himself to status of god.

Careful there now…don’t want a lightning bolt to
come down and zap him… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ted has some work still ahead of him…

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Ted has a ton of work ahead. And I have a ton of great listening ahead!


Yep…but not a demigod…

Indeed !

My friend says he’s gotten over the 500 hrs. on his May and we arranged for him to bring it over this coming Monday afternoon to compare it to my modified DS. He also wants to check out my PST and Esoteric. We’ll see what happens with this May finally.


You will finally hear why John A, Herb R, Mike L, S Deckert etc have been raving about it. Prepare your credit card :grin:.

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Not only me, my brother will be here also with his credit card ready.

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Like for the PST, resistance is futile :grin:.

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The Beeswax fuse took the PST to another level. My DS also has a Beeswax fuse installed. Does the May have a fuse?


From the Kitsune web site:

  1. Fuse is upgraded with world class Red Nano fuse with gold/silver and graphene and quartz filtering materials. Only KTE Model