Home Theater Set-up with BHK/Stellar amp

So I scored a set of BHK 300s that I plan to use on my left and right main speakers( Legacy Audio Focus SE).
My original plan was to use M700s across all three but now with the intro of the BHKs, I still plan to use the M700 to power the Legacy Marquis HD center, unfortunately I just can’t swing another 300 just for center. My other option is to use two 700s on a bi-amp set-up for the center but that maybe overkill. Any thoughts here from the PS Experts?

Use a multi-channel amp for your surround speakers. Use the BHK 300 for your main speakers.

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I have an Emotiva 10 Channel running sides, rears and Atmos speakers. I am going to use the BHK on my main left and right towers. I am looking for feedback on the use of the Stellar M700 on the center and if anyone might recommend bi-amping with another M700…it honestly may be overkill so one hopefully is sufficient. I just don’t have the cash to do another 300 on the center :slight_smile:

I wanted to bump this to get your thoughts on this. I think the single M700 will do just fine but I am still considering keeping one extra M700 in case. Any thoughts on this @Paul ?

Personally, I would not skimp on the center channel in either speakers or amplifiers. IMO, it outputs the most critical content, voices. I have put a lot of time/energy/money into my HT setup and the merry-go-round continued until I was satisfied with the clarity of my center channel output.

The Legacy Marquis HD is a great center channel speaker. I have personally owned one. I don’t believe you need to biamp that speaker but you can make that decision after you place the first M700. You can always add a second later, if you feel the need.

I do discourage using a multi-channel amp for center channel output. Although, it is perfectly fine for “effect” output, such as side and rear channel output.

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the feedback. I am hoping the 700 will do what it needs to as I just don’t have the cash for another 300 so I will have to work with what I have for now :)…thanks again!

If I had my time again I would dispense with the HT and put all that money into the music system, and just choose the PCM stereo version of whatever movie I’m watching. I have a good multi-channel system (Krell, Halcro, Golden Ear) but rarely use it, I mostly use the music system for movie playback.

The problem is, the sound engineering on countless movies are so poorly done that it makes them nearly unlistenable. Using a 2-ch system certainly masks these obvious missteps as all of the channels are mushed together into left and right only, but it simply is no real substitute for true hi-fi multi-channel sound. My HT amplification is 100% tube-based. I have a Decware “Ultra” 6-channel tube pre-amp with separate gain controls for all channels including a really bitchin’ “Mix” function that allows me send front channel signals to the rear and/or center channels in the event each of those are unsalvageable as originally engineered. With the Ultra, I can dial in the fronts, center, subwoofer, and rears separately, based on the movie I am watching. So, I can correct for any bizarre engineering choices that simply make no sense to the viewer. It is the most unique, and coveted device in my entire collection. For those that are unwilling to compromise, even when it comes to HT, it is a dream come true.

My HT has the same level of “audiophile” attention as my 2-channel stereo playback. Having reached this level of aural bliss with HT makes it impossible for me to go back to 2-ch movie playback or less than stellar multi-channel amplification.

You might want to check with PA Audio technical support about this; my concern would be how the two different amps will behave at different volume levels. Another way to say it might be how their gain stages track for various input levels.

You can check by using your setup functions at multiple volume levels.