Hooking up a Bluesound Node 2i to the SGCD


I plan on getting a Node 2i and I was wondering how to hook it up to my Gain Cell DAC. I plan on using the DAC in the Gain Cell. All information is appreciated…

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Use the digital out from the Node into the digital in on the SGCD. Either coax or optical. Then in the Blusound app you can set the node to output directly to the dac and use the SGCD to adjust volume, or set the volume, equalizer, etc to be controlled by the phone app, leaving the SGCD at the max volume that you want. I use it the second way, because I have another Bluesound device in the kitchen. I can adjust both volumes with my phone.

The only difficult thing about it is deciding if you want to use coax or optical. I’m of the understanding that coax is better, though I’ve seen seemingly contradictory reports why optical is supposed to be worse: that it a) is noisier, and b) more limited in supported higher resolutions.

I have mine plugged in analog, only because I still use Tidal and want the final MQA unfolding, which the SGCD DAC doesn’t do. But I’m also on the verge of dropping Tidal and keeping only Qobuz, so I’ll be going coax as soon as my new Morrow DIG-3 cable arrives.

Thanks for the responses. I think I will purchase a coax and optical cable and see which one I like better.

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I’ve used both, didn’t make any difference. Used budget optical cable though. I use Amazon HD and ripped CDs over the network from my laptop. (FLAC)