How many quality Ethernet cables do I need to use?

Do you use a high quality (expensive) Ethernet cable from your modem to your router AND from your router to your streaming device, or do you just use one high quality Ethernet cable from the router to your streamer? Any comments/advice appreciated, TIA.

From the external of the house to my router I have fiber.

From the router on, use the best cable/filter/switch you can afford to address noise as much as possible.

My guess is that like power cords are critical from the wall to a conditioner/component, the last meter can be the most important part to focus on.

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Excellent, thanks. This is what I was afraid of … ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

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What brand of cable/switcher do you like ?

Ethernet cables: STEALTH and Pink Faun.

Filter: Muon Pro from Network Acoustics.

Switches: Network Acoustics Tempus and Innuos PhoenixNET.

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I have an English 8Switch, it is connected to the router supplied by my ISP. The router gets its data from the coax cable modem