How not to sell speakers

Tonight I read some of the January Stereophile. On p. 20 appears a full-page ad whose headline loudly proclaims “The Best Spendors Ever!” The top third of the page shows the head of a young man, kicking back, relaxing, obviously enjoying his music. It’s equally obvious he’s not listening to the new Spendors or to any other speaker – since he’s wearing headphones.

So he’s not a big Spendor?? :))


Tell Paul , I keep telling him that headphones is a part of the hi end now. Most people like me have a collection of them and for a much lower price point you can have top tear gear. I have both but mostly use the headphones and IEM,S .

@Al: You just did. :slight_smile:

I hear you. But not on headphones. :slight_smile:

I am still holding out on headphones but I’ve heard a few that got me thinking …

As one of the resident curmudgeons, I’ll say, I have heard some 'phones that sound nice . . . but to me they have the same issue as small speakers: they miniaturize everything. A second issue is that the spatial presentation is even less realistic than speakers. All in all, I find listening through 'phones to be a hi-fi experience, rather than a musical one.

All speakers miniaturize everything. It is just a matter of how much and how. Some speakers miniaturize a good deal more than good headphones.

Headphones produce a headstage, but it is indeed even more artificial than speakers. Yet, the various cross-feed system work well and some are spectacular. Soundstage and imaging is artificial in any event.

Headphones are great for hearing minute detail. I use them a good deal when editing recordings as every edit, odd noise, every screwy issue is revealed. They are fun on recordings you know well.

Excellent sound through headphones is a good deal cheaper than even so-so sound on speakers.

Use and enjoy both headphones and speakers. Neither sound like real music so listen to what you like.

Lol yes the little I know of real music I do totally agree with you elk. But maybe real is not good for all. Real hurts my ears it is so dynamic. It also is too Brite or brittle to me at least anything that is amped is. And even if it not how can you stay neer any brass or drums. So in the end the holy grail I am looking for is not even what I would like anyway. The big speakers in North Carolina has so much dynamic range it makes me jump off the couch there or grind my teeth . It’s really to close to real music. But headphones to me are just in my head though I agree with that for sure. A few firmwares back I asked Paul to make some changes in the sound of the dac . I said make it closer to the music, well it’s there now . Headphones I feel made me hear that better than speakers do.

Great topic guys

I went into an audio shop in Tucson, and saw a good looking set of speakers for sale. The price tag said, $1,100. Not bad, I said and asked the salesman if that speaker was in stock. He asked, “How many do you want?” “Um, two.” “Ok, the total is $2,200 for a pair.” REALLY? Who was president when we last bought just one speaker at a time?

It might be appropriate if the speakers are suitable for a multi-channel set-up but even then only if it is clearly marked as per speaker. I’ve sometimes seen speakers sold on-line listed with a per speaker price and it hasn’t always been obvious that was the case. If the dealer is showing two speakers, the displayed price tag should be for both speakers. Otherwise it’s misleading unless very clearly marked. I hope there’s another dealer in Tucson.

Well, I left Tucson, and ended up creating my own speakers. Should have done it years ago.

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