HQPlayer and Internet radio streams in Flac?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get HQPlayer to playback a Flac URl. How do I make it do this?

Also I was wondering if you folks find it to be better than Jriver+Fididelizer+Audiooptimizer on a striped windows “Kernal” machine? Only purpose is audio playback. It has the bare minimum necessary to play audio plus the above software.

Do you think i would find HQPlayer to be any better, assuming I got it to work?

Thank you

I find the bootable OS Jussi creates solely to run HQPe the best. I feed it with Roon Rock running elsewhere on the network but any UPNP will do or create a library within HQP.

I don’t know how to have HQP read and play an internet stream directly

It eludes that it does. Alas, I take it that it actually does not. It is very nice software but not a streamer. It is meant for a local library. It has no built in TCP stack. I have since decompiled it and it simply does not have this feature. Oh well. I would have really liked to play with the filters. I can do the same thing with a Jriver plugin however. Already running just “Kernal” Windows+Fidelizer+Audiophile Optimizer is quite enough frankly. I do appreciate your confirming this.

Probably worth confirming with Jussi (miska) on audiophilestyle or roon community before dismissing.

Yep. The new version (4) has an input device field. I think you could try to feed it via a virtual cable in windows.

Yes, that way but you cannot directly input a URL I mean like Jriver. I figure my system is “optimized” quite enough. I do like the curves in it but it really is not meant for streaming. It is desigened for a local library AFAIK. Which makes sense “HQ” and all.