Hum from amps when using high volume setting

My DS is connected direct to a pair of Class A mono blocs and I notice that when I have the DS volume set to HI (using the filter button) the VU meters on the amps swing a bit to the right and I get an amplifier hum even when no music is playing.

Setting the filter to LO eliminates the hum and the VU meters return to 0.

My problem is that on some tracks the volume is not sufficient even when set to 100.

When the 20dB Attenuator is engaged (volume range is LO) you can turn the volume up to 106. That may be enough for you.

I tried that Ted. On DSD tracks in particular I could certainly use higher volumes.

BTW, I don’t have this problem if I go through a preamp. I can set the DS volume to LO and turn up the preamp volume.

I prefer the SQ going direct, though.

Three more things you’ve probably already tried:

Some people prefer to use some sort of inline attenuator in the interconnects from the DS to their amp.

If you haven’t already use it or thought of it and if you are currently using a single ended connection from the DS to your amps and your amps have a balanced input, try using that.

Just in case you haven’t tried it: the DS on HI, thru the preamp with the preamp volume turned down. Some systems definitely sound better this way than with the DS on LO with the preamp volume up (and some systems don’t.)

Otherwise there’s not much else you can do on the DS’s side of things.