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Actually the usb tt has a built in dac as far as I can remember
reading about this AudioTechnica has such tts…was thinking
about one so as to be able to convert my few lps to digital…

Unfortunately, the Technics does not have a USB port or built-in DAC.

After hearing the comments so far, I think my plan will be to wait until I can audition the new FR-30 PSA speakers.

My Focals are resolving but I suspect the new PSAs will be even more so. The more resolving the total system, the more I will be able to hear differences if they exist.

If the FR-30s are keepers I will then hunt for a preamp that can show the virtues of vinyl, perhaps even a new turntable to host the cartridges I have, which are pretty resolving. The new Technics is good but, if it comes to that I’ll have to read a lot more about TTs and seek advice to make an informed decision.

Many thanks for all the comments offered. They helped a lot.

Which Focals do you have?

Paul has his work cut out to top the Focals my prejuiced biased
.02 :innocent:

FR-80 at the moment… :cowboy_hat_face:

Paul has stiff competion at a minimum at the probable price point
the Focal Sopra 3s or higher…tough competition!!

I have the Focal 1038be. Have not heard the Sopra 3 but new I’ve seen for $25k. I understand PSA will have various models, the flagship being the first to roll out. I don’t know if pricing will be $15k or $25k.

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Thanks for sharing…your Focal 1038be are outstanding speakers…
with their be tweeters are in a different league ahead of my 948s…

Paul has hi work cut out for him…might not be bad idea if he got a hold of some of Focal be tweeter speaks to get an idea of his
competition…which is quite stiif for sure…

Thanks again

What if you put it the other way around: What will you gain by getting rid of the turntable?

If the two sound identical that means the turntable sounds reasonably good. Sure, there is an endless selection of good phono stages at all price points but even if you don’t want to invest in vinyl playback, why not just have it sitting there for the occasional listen of vinyl?

Even for a moderate vinyl library there are bound to be number of releases which you like to listen every now and then, or when you wish to have a nostalgic evening with cracks and pops.

Hint: AVM Inspiration 1.2 is being discontinued and there are lots of good deals to be had. Just got one for the fun of it but haven’t heard it yet as it’s with a friend in Europe. He keeps sending very positive comments about it. Awesome value at that price point.

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I have personally never heard vinyl (I’m talking here about recordings that are true analog … on vinyl) and digital transfers of those same recordings sound identical. PCM or DSD, what I hear vinyl consistently do better than digital is the ‘3rd dimension’ of roundness of instruments, a real illusion of sound stage depth, palpable chest to voices, etc. Some are of the view DSD is richer in tonality and realness than PCM (I’m not in that camp) but even DSD doesn’t get the ‘3rd dimension’ down like vinyl and projects a flattened image. Albeit with better dynamic range and bass punch than vinyl can achieve.

It depends on what you prioritize I suppose when comparing different technologies and formats … maybe better said what weaknesses you are willing to overlook to indulge in your priorities. My priority is pretty obvious and I’m willing to overlook vinyl’s weaknesses for what it delivers in sheer enjoyment. Full disclosure I have a pretty substantial investment in my front end to deliver that: a SOTA Nova Series V vacuum TT, a SME 309 tonearm, two MC cartridges (a Dynavector Karat and a Sumiko Starling), an upgraded Cardas tonearm cable and a Modwright PH 150 Reference phono stage. That combination beats my not too shabby Bryston BDA-3/BDP-3 stack. When I have the same (original analog) recording on vinyl and on high res digital I reach for the vinyl every time.


I have owned the RP8 / Apheta 2 for about 5 years, so I’d imagine what an RP10/Aphelion 2/Stellar Phono can deliver. :+1:t2: congrats.

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I thought this thread ist not the right one for me to post but your observation from "3rd dimension"on hit a major point quite exactly.

I may be a little special here because besides a Directstream DAC which has a tuning making it sound far better than the stock one, not only, but especially in 3D palpable soundstage, the US MSRP (not what I paid) of my meanwhile developed vinyl rig would be around 60k (playing in an even higher league), so that’s unfair. But on the way there which just ended lately, I made a lot of experiences and compared (considering mastering and other dependencies) digital to vinyl playback for decades (this experience would fill a thread). And all that was said by anyone is true…because it always depends what gear and class of gear you compare.

When you compare a 6k DAC to a mid two or three digits k DAC there’s certainly a difference, but it’s at a level of evolving steps.

When you compare a 6k turntable or DAC to a quite maxed out and exactly adjusted turntable, the latter is another dimension in sound quality, also in the usual domains of digital like bass, transients and dynamics (not the max dynamic range in case you want to hear a 100-120dB burst).This is no matter of taste, preference or typical digital/vinyl cliches anymore, it’s obvious to everyone.
This is quite expensive and depending on the individual choice of gear, even with the same amount of money spent, as the major step to the different dimension is made because very specific, tiny considerations and perfectionized solutions and adjustment/placement/isolation rule the game. The final word in vinyl playback is a matter of several kinds of micro accuracy and -care. Nothing for the impatient or superficial.

Many advantages of vinyl playback as you described them start to exist at a much lower effort to a lower degree, but then you will also still have some strengths on the digital side if your honest to yourself. You described most things really well imo.