Improving NAS to Bridge II Sound Quality

If you are using a NAS to Bridge II Ethernet connection without an Ethernet filter, the short version of the story for improving the Bridge II Sound Quality merely entails stopping unused packages currently running on the NAS.

Recently discovered, in the Package Center on my Synology NAS DS 215J, ten (10) unused packages running in addition to the 3 packages needed for streaming music files: Java8, Minimserver, and BubbleUPnP server. A few examples of these unused packages include Cloud Station Server, Hyper Backup, Hyper Backup Vault, Photo Station, PHP 5.6, Storage Analyzer, and Text Editor. When these unused packages were stopped, the sound quality improved appreciably with a quieter background and improved clarity, especial solo piano notes. And the iPad remote controller had a faster response time. Since the NAS has a low power 800 MHZ processor to stream music files to the Bridge II, stopping unused NAS packages is similar to optimizing Windows or OSX to improve sound quality on a computer used as a media player. Don’t need the packages running anyway since they aren’t processing anything and can always be started again when needed. This scheme might very well work for any NAS connected to a media player. It’s worth a try and nothing to lose. Also cost free.

Since I have not come across any mention in computer audiophile articles about stopping unused NAS packages to improve SQ, I thought I would pass this idea on to others with the full knowledge that I may one of the few who just didn’t know, or maybe not. Your feedback is appreciated.