In case you need to store 20,000,000 songs

When I first went into data storage in 1991 we had a 120MB HDD. Pretty amazing stuff these days:

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I started in '89, my first upgrade was from a 20MB MFM to a 40MB RLL, still working for the same company since 1996.

That’s a record of sorts these days… I was at Maxtor 10 years. Prior to that a couple start ups… Not sure who would need 100TB but I’m sure it will sell. Business side if nothing else…

I just completed a deployment and migration of our VMware environment from all spinning disk ~50TB to Pure Storage all NVMe flash ~120TB. Sub 1ms latency combined read and write or they’ll add more disks to meet that objective.

Backing it up on-line might take a while :slight_smile:

I trickle a subset of data, histology high res slide scans, to Amazon Glacier for archive. Everything else goes to spinning disk then to LTO5 cartridges then offside storage. We rely on MS for Office 365 backups, primarily but we do pull down what they allow via API (not all yet).

Ted, thank you for your work on the DS. I’ve been enjoying it for the past month and today added a BHK pre to front M700s. So spoiled.

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You are ~1 week ahead of me with the BHK pre addition in very similar setups. Any initial impressions?

I’m on interested in initial impressions as well having the 700s. Did you use a pre previously?

Yes, I had the GCD (only used as preamp) and S300 for a few months, then added the DS Sr. Then replaced both GCD and S300 at the same time with BHK Pre and M700s. M700 are a few months old, BHK is fresh.

Initial impressions, if you have one coming you should be getting very, very excited. If you don’t, stop spending money on everything possible to save up for one. It’s utterly fantastic.

After a month or so, I’ll start rolling tubes. First tube anything I’ve ever owned.

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We are on similar paths. I have landed with the Jr and 700s. I’m happy with the Jr. and for the moment, have a Cary pre which has made a heck of a difference. Still contemplating the BHK pre though. PSA is backed way up but I’m in no hurry. I also just got speakers so it’s too late for the “stop spending $” advice lol. But things should be good here soon and the back log won’t last forever. Congrats on the pre- enjoy! At least after settling on my equipment I know now I can load up 20M songs and listen for what, 114 years I believe… I better get started…