Infinity Servo Statik 1 (1A) mid range panel conductive path


I am electrostatic DIY enthusiast and I am interesting in Infinity Servo Statik 1 (1A) midrange panel construction.

As I know conductive path of panels looks like white-yellow lines laminated in plastic. The broschure says they are very conductive. Do any one knows eny details about the construction of this conductive parts? Are they sandwich like PCB or etched metal with some sort of composite beked in own (say crystalline oxide of some sort or barium Titanate)?

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Here is some info on the panels.
The conductive path of stators is a paint with silver particles and has a shape of perimeter loop with horisontal lines. The surface resistance of membrane coating is low resistance coloidal graphite and is applied on one side of the mylar film. The conductive layer is insulated from membrane by Kapton film and separated by 1/32" frame.

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