Inspired by Todd Rundgren & who else?

When I started multi-track recording (in analog days) Todd Rundgren’s albums were such a great inspiration because he produced great music where he played and produced everything; some argued that it gave his music great cohesion.
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Anyone think of anyone else who did/ does that?

Prince did this in the beginning. One of my favorite Brazilian artists Ed Motta did this for an album called “Chapter 9.”

On Jerry Garcia’s first solo album (Garcia) he played everything but the drums (which were handled by Bill Kreutzmann). I believe he also produced the album.

Add McCartney to that list on his first solo album. The one that had “Maybe I’m Amazed” on it.

Steves - Wonder and Winwood did a fair amount, I think. Tom Scholz was Boston, with Brad Delp singing.

I love Todd Rundgren but always found most of his albums to have almost no bass, and generally not sound too great.

I’m also a big fan of the Tubes and like his production work with them.

Todd’s live digital cd nearly human is so musically great but horrible sounding that I used to use it as one of my test tracks back in 90’s because I felt I can’t have a system that some of my favorite music was un listenable. With the DS it is a bit better.

Beck has also played every instrument on some of his releases I believe.

Not sure about Steve wonder, but is records sound good, I think because he’s blind and is more reliant on sound. I read he used to take out the glass in front of his boards VU meters and feel the levels.

Todd’s audio production has been all over the place for decades. One that comes to mind as being well recorded is Afterlife on the Liar’s album. But it’s hard to play most Todd/Utopia albums without reaching for tone controls or eq which so many of us no longer use in our systems. Still play all his works and see him at least once a year live.