Integrated amplifier

I am about to purchase a PS Audio Directstream dac.
My system basically will be - Innuos Zenith Mk3 – USB to Directstream - Audio Flight FLS10 int. amp.
I am not very technically minded so I may I ask for some help with this set-up.
I want to control the volume with the Amp , so is their a correct setting on the Directstream that will enable me to do this safely as the Amp is rated at 200 Wrms.
I hope this question makes sense.
Also what is the situation with Mqa files in this set-up?
Thanks you

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Partial answer: you need to install the Network Bridge (MK II) in the DS Sr. In order for the DAC to “render” MQA files, if your upstream kit does not decode MQA files.

Use the search function in this forum using “DAC volume” or similar key words to find a lot of discussions about volume settings.

Best of luck to you…

Thank you scotte1,
I am not too bothered about MQA but I have a roon subscription so is this a route to playing MQA files

I think that you should set dac output to 85 as a starting point. Then you can try 80,90,95 etc. if you hear a difference.

@Brend, I’d suggest side stepping the Bridge II as you have the Innous Zenith Mk III.

thank you scotte1,somppsa and weedeewop.
I will go with the Directstream without the Bridge and connect to the Innuos and try the dac output at different settings, [ does this mean that the amp volume is set at a fixed level ]

Hi…I have the Rogue Sphinx V2 and love it. The amp makes my Grado 80s sound incredible and the built on Phono Pre for MM carts is exceptional. I may even like it more thhan my Lounge Audio LCR mkIII. I have a Cambridge DAC magic hooked up for streaming.

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Hi brend. I have a similar setting, but the amplifier is a Luxman L590AX mkii. I first tried with the attenuation -20db on the DirectStream. This enabled me to keep the volume around -17db on the luxman. But the sound was lacking a bit of fullness. Then I set the DirectStream to full output 100. But, it seemed too full. Now it is at 90 and it sounds very good. You should try. I use the single ended output of the direct stream since the luxman is marginally better on that input. I’m not sure about the audia flight…

Hello fmr59,
after a lot of experimenting I have the Directstream at 70 and - 25db on the Audio Flight and the it sounds incredible !

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Happy that you found the right setting for you system!

I have high sensitivity speakers and dialed my DSD back to 55 to be able to use more of my preamp volume control and WOW a real improvement and frankly a nice benefit that the DSD has this capability and without curtailing and deadening the signal. I have tried this with other DAC’s without good results. My hat is off to Ted!