Interesting Read - Cable and Interconnect Construction

[Ron: Please leave this post here. This is where it belongs, under “Cables.” If you have suggestions for improving forum categories please contact Paul as he set them up. I find they work very well. Thanks. Elk]


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ok thanks, Elk. I thought it would be nice to have a folder of interesting reads on varied subjects.

Certainly a good idea. Organizing them is a challenge so that people can find them and discuss them.

People include component reviews, etc. in threads about a product under discussion. This is great. Generic articles not discussing components, cables, etc. end up in Everything Else.

I do not like a slush category like this but we need one for those things that fall outside of the big categories. Let Paul know if you have ideas on how to improve organization. I find the task exceedingly challenging.

As you lay it out, I can see the problems.
I guess it would make sense only if this idea caught on and a change made sense. Not so far…