Is the Directstream a good dac for flac files and pcm?


I heard from a source that the direct stream is a great dac for DSD but not the best for PCM files. Any experience with high resolution Flac files and the direct stream performance with the red cloud?


I have a DS Jr with Red Cloud. FLAC files in both standard res, hi-res, and upsampled files (Roon) sound good to me. What is your source comparing the DS to?


For quite a few releases people complained that the DS was better for Redbook than DSD. I think it’s balanced now, but I wonder who though it wasn’t as good for PCM as DSD? Try some DVD-A ripps, I think you’ll find it does fine.


I have a collection going on 2500 CDs, all but a small few, ripped to FLAC. I play using JRiver into the Bridge. I don’t experiment much, so I’m not the last word, but it all sounds pretty amazing to me.

I do have some SACD…it’s like everything, some are great and some aren’t. PCM via FLAC on the DSD is by far the best digital I’ve ever had. I’ve owned a half dozen top of the line CD players from Rega to Cambridge. Also owned the PWD. Nothing I’ve owned comes close to the DSD.


He was comparing it to ladder dacs like terminator and yggy I believe.

I mainly listen to 44.1 khz and 96 khz flacs thats why I’m asking.



I had a Gumby (one step down from Yggy) and I like my DSJr better than I liked the Gumby.

Gungnir MB was a great DAC too. PS Audio has a trial period (and a very good trade in program).

Give one a try.


I find that through the latest firmware releases that PCM, of any resolution, sounds simply superb through the DS.


My High-res FLAC and AIFF files sound great on my DS Sr, as do my DSD files. I have many more of the former than the latter. I really don’t think you’d be disappointed.


Thanks so much for the insight guys it is very helpful.