Is the Directstream a good dac for flac files and pcm?

I heard from a source that the direct stream is a great dac for DSD but not the best for PCM files. Any experience with high resolution Flac files and the direct stream performance with the red cloud?

I have a DS Jr with Red Cloud. FLAC files in both standard res, hi-res, and upsampled files (Roon) sound good to me. What is your source comparing the DS to?

For quite a few releases people complained that the DS was better for Redbook than DSD. I think it’s balanced now, but I wonder who though it wasn’t as good for PCM as DSD? Try some DVD-A ripps, I think you’ll find it does fine.


I have a collection going on 2500 CDs, all but a small few, ripped to FLAC. I play using JRiver into the Bridge. I don’t experiment much, so I’m not the last word, but it all sounds pretty amazing to me.

I do have some SACD…it’s like everything, some are great and some aren’t. PCM via FLAC on the DSD is by far the best digital I’ve ever had. I’ve owned a half dozen top of the line CD players from Rega to Cambridge. Also owned the PWD. Nothing I’ve owned comes close to the DSD.

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He was comparing it to ladder dacs like terminator and yggy I believe.

I mainly listen to 44.1 khz and 96 khz flacs thats why I’m asking.


I had a Gumby (one step down from Yggy) and I like my DSJr better than I liked the Gumby.

Gungnir MB was a great DAC too. PS Audio has a trial period (and a very good trade in program).

Give one a try.

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I find that through the latest firmware releases that PCM, of any resolution, sounds simply superb through the DS.

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My High-res FLAC and AIFF files sound great on my DS Sr, as do my DSD files. I have many more of the former than the latter. I really don’t think you’d be disappointed.

Thanks so much for the insight guys it is very helpful.

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