Issue with my BHK 300 after house move

Hi all, just looking for some expert advice.

I have the BHK Pre and BHK 300s and have run into an issue following an international relocation. Having received all our furniture a few days back, I was eager to hook everything up and test it out but found when set up there was only sound coming out of one channel. I spent the next few hours panicking, swapping/exchanging wires, panicking a bit more but then finally managed to narrow the issue down to one of the mono blocks.

I was a bit stumped as it powers on no problem but I happened to notice that the heat sinks were stone cold, whereas on the working amp the sinks were warm to the touch after just a few minutes! I’m really just wondering if anyone might have an idea what the problem is before I have the inevitable and excruciating battle with my insurance provider? For context, these were professional house movers that did the relo and the amps were transported in their original packing boxes which had no visible damage.

Thanks and fingers crossed for a resuscitation!

Sorry to hear. I presume there is no voltage difference between the new location and former - correct? Very possible that fuses are gone. Sounds like rail fuses. Would suggest to double check on the voltage and then the fuses. Sounds tho, voltage is not an issue as nothing would work. Try to find the corresponding rail fuses and measure continuity or replace with same.

A simple suggestion, check the fuses on the uncooperative mono block. While you are at it check and reseat the two vacuum tubes. This would be a good time to arrange for a spare set of fuses and vacuum tubes.


Thanks for the suggestions! Will test the fuses and report back!

Twas the 5A slow blow! Currently fuse shopping and thanking my lucky stars it wasn’t something more serious. Thanks for the help!


Great news!

Spares come in handy
Great news!