Just Pulled The Trigger on DSJ

Questions, questions…questions.

Is there a “primer”; or should I fire away?

Use the search feature - magnifying glass icon upper right. There is very little that hasn’t already been asked and answered but if you don’t find it, ask away.


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I suggest digging around in the audio-components/dacs category, here. \

Also, read the manual; it has a good amount of info. It is on-line here.

Ask away if you have questions.

And welcome to active posting!

Awesome. Just picked up one myself beginning of last month. Great device.

Me too, two weeks ago OMG ! Awesome !

So how much better is the DSJ to SGCD (used as DAC)?

I guess my main question, right now…is this:

I’ve been using Aurenders and Auralics for a while now; haven’t used a UPnP media server…since I had a C.A.P.S. and used to run JRiver (like v18 :astonished:, lol).

I know Roon, is the hot girl right now; but what if you don’t want to spend, $120/year?

Quite a bit better, in my opinion.

By the later part of next week I’ll have the opportunity to hear for myself the difference between the DSJ and the GCD having just also pulled the trigger on the DSJ. I’ll have both in my listening room for A/B comparison for the following 30 days. It should be interesting.

This opinion is with world class speakers (and listening room) or in a “regular living room” environment (stellar) also? :slight_smile:

I’m also considering SGCD vs DSJ and thinking will the difference be slight or night and day.

I have Mytek Brooklyn DAC at the moment. I have read, that some reviewers prefer Mytek over SGCD.

Glad you pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to hear your comment later.

I had the GCD and upgraded to the Jr. It will be great to get your impressions. I think you will be very pleased.

Yeah; I asked this before…and the answer I got (from Paul I believe), is…

Single source, digital only…like I am; DSJ handily. If you need analog inputs; SGCD is a great choice.

or the BHK Pre :wink:

Well, of course; but others were asking…about DSJ v. SGCD.

Just received the DSJ today and plugged it into the system. My initial impression, aside from consideration of lack of burn-in which I’m well aware of, is negative on two fronts.

First, there is a very noticeable hiss/hum combo coming from my speakers with the DSJ that all but disappears when I replace it with my SGCD. I’d’ say this noise floor is at least three times what the SGCD puts out. I actually thought when I first turned the unit on that I was hearing the spray sound of our lawn sprinklers running in the back yard. I had been assured by the sales rep that the noise issue associated with the Huron firmware was now taken care of by the currently installed Redcloud firmware. Not to my ears.

Second, the issue of the DSJ running warm was something I’d kind of discounted because I’ve had gear in my system in the past that was Class A design and ran warm and it wasn’t much of a problem. But after a couple of hours in use the DSJ was what I would call hot rather than warm and was noticeably heating up the DMP directly below it as well as my amplifier sitting right next to it. So this too was disturbing.

Anyway, any comments about what I’m experiencing or what I’m possibly doing wrong are welcomed.

Above link is what I am using in my cabinet resting atop of the DSJr. I also have a single DC fan blower air at low speed from the back of the cabinet onto the DSJr. No cooling problems using this solution.


That won’t work for me for two reasons: 1. There’s no space on the shelf my gear sits on, and 2. My experience with even internal fans used in audio gear is that they are audible to me in my listening chair 10 feet away and add unacceptably to the noise floor problem.

Fair enough. It runs pretty quiet at low speed, but I get it that some folks don’t like fans or the noise they present. Figured I throw it out there. It does work well in my setup.

I appreciate your interest in helping me out with this and am glad you’ve solved your problem.