Krell connect stream music server


Has anyone here had or used this music server , it uses outside hear dives or other devices to control the music library . It uses a spidif output or optical output . It can connect to USB drives as well as network nas storage.

Any opinions here.

Al D


Not really sure if he actually got the most from it…

Then to my XDA-2 via a 1 meter optical cable courtesy of Monoprice. My XDA-2 was then connected to my reference two-channel preamp, Emotiva’s XSP-1, via a pair of 1 meter balanced interconnects (XLR) also from Monoprice.


Ok thanks


I noticed that the reviewer went on at some length about how important the the iOS app (android version forthcoming) was in letting him get the most out of the server, how reliably it worked, etc. This seems to be what is expected today for a networked component; PSA take note . . .


That is not the purpose of my post Please do not bash on my account.

I have many dAcs and was looking for input please.

Al D


I for one would have liked to hear his impressions with it hooked up with GOOD cables in a really resolving system… and compared to other comparable products…


Me too , I just bought one today. I did read some other reviews as well and all were favorable too. I should have it before the weekend . I will put up a post using my ps audio pwdmkii as this is the purpose of the purchase. The one I got was used and has the dac inside too, but will not be used for the post.

Al d


DAC comparisons are welcome. We LIKE to hear how much better the PWD is than a Krell DAC. :smiley:



No I would never do that to Paul. besides for the money in the optional dac I’m sure the pwdmkii would be a no contest. But I will comment on the music server. I bought it used so the dac was just there , it’s not something I even wanted , it will work with the ds213+. As the nas and has full internet radio functions and something called HD radio channels as well. I don’t ok now what thT means , and I do not think it’s the car HD either as thT is a little better but the HD does not mean high def.


HD radio is Hybrid Digital - well below basic FM in sound quality.

The additional sad thing is that HD radio is sent on the same frequencies and can seriously muck up the sound of a good FM station.


You know that is what I read , but I have to say in a car and given it’s low resolution it does sound better. More clear better sound overall. But what is the HD internet radio they are talking about , is it the same stations on fm

alrainbow said: I have to say in a car and given it's low resolution it does sound better.

You are lucky. I have found it always sound worse - although not at bad a satellite radio.

Fortunately my car allows HD to be turned off, defaulting to FM.


My wife’s Mercedes has all those features , I cannot , besides I mostly liten to SATELITE radio lol. HOWARD stearin and opie n Anthony . Ron n fez. They are immature even for me but it’s better than the radio . And in NYC there is no jazz left . Just faceless music. So SATELITE does not sound well but the large choice of programming does.