Line Selector, 6-way volume, and "analogue routing modules" from cardboard to aluminium cases

Hi all :slight_smile:
couple of months ago i put some “System Photos” up in the appropriate topic and my DIY line selector (for choosing between different DAC/EQ/Amp/Spkr combos) was favourably commented on, in particular the cardboard box “prototype case” it was in at the time (and the pill-bottle remote also) :slight_smile:

They are now in aluminium cases (thanks eBay).

Also now working on unit 3 & 4
These are both effectively “pre-amps” so somewhat more conventional - one will be for analogue input routing to feed into the ADC of the digital chain, with no remote and a switched attenuator to set level going into ADC.

The other will be used as a preamp on a separate system, with remote motorised volume and remote switching of the tape loops.

“Tape loops”?! Yes - in case I get reel-reel again, but also always useful for external processing if I wish to clean up a record that is going into the ADC via the preamp.

I thought long and hard and realised that switching inputs on an analogue preamp is marginally useful only, but switching the insert loops in and out is rather more useful, whether comparing processed / dry, or comparing in and out of a 3 head tape machine.

The pill bottle remote has been “updated” too :smiley:

I seem to be creating a product line…

So from cardboard:

To aluminium :slight_smile:

4 2 5


IMG_1783 IMG_1786 IMG_1818


Congrats! That looks terrific. What a great feeling to create something.

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Excellent. Very professional. But I still like the John Noakes design earlier iterations…:grin:

So did I:)
The remote may make a return at some point - currently residing with similar shaped objects on the shelf


And thank you both- I have always tinkered, but actually finishing something is a rarity…

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Credit where credit is due… Looking good!! Well done.

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Most astounding work! Very, very impressive. Thank your for the pictures.

Curious did you have some “go-to” music to play while working?


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Thanks, mostly BBC 6 Music curating the sounds when I was busy with this, and lots of Nitin Sawhney the last month or three :slight_smile:

I’ve just been made redundant so my dream/plan of a pair of DS DACs and Stellar S250s is on hold for now, I suspect I will spend more time fettling with this sort of thing nonetheless: I’m mostly housebound so there is not a lot else to do, and my wife seems to have given up on the idea of eating at the dining table :wink:

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It an achievement and I admire your perseverance and your wives patience😉.

Aye she’s a good 'un really!

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Prototype PSU.
Very proto.
For the cardboard case afficianados :slight_smile:


I love to see Joma’s rainbow accents throughout!

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That rainbow gaffa tape is rather special :slight_smile: