M700 or Cambridge Audio 851W q

I know these are 2 different types of amps, but which one woild you with? I run Paradigm Prestige 95F. I’m leaning to the M700 so each speaker has its own amp powering it.

I have the M700’s and I love them. Haven’t heard the Cambridge Audio 851W q.

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What speakers are you using with them?

Focal 826v (floorstanding) w/ pair of REL S3/SHO subs

I have the Cambridge Azur 851W driving KEF REFERENCE 1’s. The plan is to eventually run a pair in vertical bi-amp. This would be $3400 for the pair and provide 4 channels of amplification. I’ve done this similar configuration with two other systems I have to good effect.
As for the gain cell input on the M700’s… I’m not a fan of the distortion it adds. I beta tested the gain cell DAC and found it tiring to listen to for just an hour and eventually had to send it back.
I realize, not everyone will find it fatiguing. We have different hearing and taste in music but I audition and use gear that provides as much detail without becoming harsh with increased volume or marginal recordings. I don’t mean to say everything needs to sound good. A poor recording can’t be fixed, only skipped but a system should not add to the discomfort. If you know what I mean.

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It’s not a fair comparison, but I had the Cambridge 851a integrated before the M700 set. The 851a is no slouch with most genres of music, but especially demanding music is where it shines. The M700 drive the sound more effortlessly however. I recommend them, but I have love for the Cambridge gear as well.

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